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Service #3:

REPAIRS... for those damaged areas

Many older homes in New Jersey have damaged sections in their floors that need repairing. Damage can be caused by many things – pets urinating on your floor, water stains from pot plants, missing sections of flooring from walls being moved during renovations, boards that have splintered and split from excessive wear, large gaps, burn marks from dropped cigarettes and many more reasons.

If you have one or more of these issues with your hardwood floor, rest assured we have the skills and experience to repair them for you. You will be able to transform those ugly, damaged areas in your floor into a seamless, invisible repair that no-one will ever know existed.

Pet Stain on Hardwood Floor
Pet stains are a common feature in many homes we work in.
Removing Pet Stain
Damaged boards being removed and replaced with new.
filling gaps in hardwood floor
Repaired area after first sanding and filler being applied.
stained and finished wood floor
No repair in sight after the floor is stained and coated.

We can replace any amount of damaged flooring, anywhere in your home, including smack bang in the middle of rooms or where walls have been removed, with the same type, size, grade and milling of wood so it will be close to a perfect match.

removed wall repair
We can repair areas where walls have been removed or relocated as well.

We can also lace together rooms that had no hardwood flooring previously so it will blend seamlessly into an adjoining room with existing wood floors.

Once the sanding, staining and coating processes are completed, the repaired areas will blend in to the surrounding area and look completely original.

A couple of cautions with repairs...

In order to have an invisible repair as possible it's important to use the exact match of wood. Many repairs we come across look like the one in the photo below. In this repair red and white oak were mixed up. They can look very similar to an untrained eye so it's an easy mistake to make. But the results look horrible. You don't want this in your floor.

There are also many different grades and types of milling. If you get one of these variables wrong, your repair will also be very noticeable.

mismatched wood repair
Example of a bad repair because of using the wrong wood.
salvaged old pine flooring
Salvaged 100 year old pine we use for repairs.

We salvage antique flooring so we can get as close a match to your vintage flooring as possible. We have a very stringent process that ensures we match the repair with the right wood, correct milling and same grade so it truly will be as seamless and invisible as we can (taking into consideration we are dealing with a natural, variable product of nature).

If you need a repair...

We want you to be ecstatic about your finished floor. Doing repairs properly goes a long way in ensuring you will be. If you don’t have someone come out to look at your damaged areas in person before your project starts, you are taking a big chance your repairs won’t be taken as seriously as they should be.

The last thing you want is for your project to be held up as they try to source the correct wood for the repair last minute, or worse, end up with repairs that are noticeable from using the wrong product.

We promise we would never do that to you. We take a lot of pride in our repair service.

If you want any more information or want someone to inspect your damaged floor, please feel free to get in touch.

PHOTOS from past projects


Extremely pleased with the job Dustless did on our floors. Brian addressed every and all concerns. They are now stunning! We couldn't be happier. His crew was respectful of our home and were super nice. Thanks Guys!! Sharon Moran - Cherry Hill, New Jersey | 5 Star Review on Facebook
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